5 Great Features Of Moneydance Personal Finance Software

When I write about Moneydance I’m surprised by the number of people who have never heard of this personal finance software. However, Moneydance has some very good features that makes it a product to consider.

  1. The price – When shopping for financial software you will notice that these items can be expensive. Keep in mind your best bet is to buy something that only has a one time purchase price instead of something with a monthly fee. I’m amazed by the number of people who pay $5-$8 per month for a personal finance software. Those monthly fees add up quickly. In addition, Moneydance, which costs $49.99, does not require upgrades on a regular interval (contrary to a product like Quicken which will remove your online downloading capability after about three years).
  2. Ease of access. As a former Quicken user I can attest that Moneydance has a much cleaner interface. Quicken has so many tools and resources that you can easily feel overwhelmed. While Moneydance does not have as many features they have everything that most people need without getting to much to overwhelm people.
  3. Password security. Depending on your security preferences you can chose to have Moneydance store your password or you can manually enter it each time. This gives you a way to protect your password if you are concerned about password security.
  4. Forums. Some personal finance software is great, until you have a problem. I’ve had numerous times with other software where I couldn’t get any reasonable assistance with compatibility or tech issues. With Moneydance there are active forums and staff who monitor comments. If you have a question or issue it will be addressed.
  5. Customize with extensions. You can add personalized features to your program by adding free extensions to your program. That include anything from a credit card down payment calculator to a stock quote auto sync feature.